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Extra cold drinks, consistent temperatures and reduced demand on equipment. Our coolant range sets the benchmark of drinks product cooling.
2flow and 4flow
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2flow & 4flow

More and more of the largest breweries and soft drink manufacturers around the world have switched to the 2Flow sub zero ice solution, as the trend towards extra cold drinks becomes a paramount requirement for their customers.

2Flow replaces water and glycol in existing ice bank beer and soft drinks coolers with Coolflow 2Flow in order to provide you with an extra cold brand specification, without the need for purchasing extra or enhanced capital equipment.

UK IPO GB2535702B

2Flow is the most energy efficient,
superior solution, sub zero ice bank in the world!

what's the difference?

Because 2Flow has superior thermal properties, it can be as much as 20% more cost effective than other sub zero cooling solutions (e.g Glycol).


Compressor on up to 65% of the time.
Dilute Glycol - Compressor on up to 78% of the time.
Compressor on up to 59% of the time (but needs additional under counter-cooling).

What Does This Mean?

An average pub, running 2 coolers will save up to £226 per annum on energy costs by using 2Flow rather than any other subzero cooling solution.
  • key benefits
    Low viscosity and heat transfer properties make it the most energy efficient of all sub-zero coolants on the market.
  • key benefits
    Ice bank reserve has high enthalpy and is more stable.
  • key benefits
    No need for under counter flash coolers, thus creating space and reducing heat behind the bar.
  • key benefits
    Less demand on the system results in reduced replacements or additional equipment.
  • key benefits
    Cellar based solution to extra cold drinks dispensers.
  • key benefits
    Achieves lower drinks temperatures without the need for more capital equipment.
  • key benefits
    More drinks dispensed at lower temperatures.

coolant dtx

Coolflow DTX is the specialist coolant. Coolflow DTX has been especially formulated to exploit the advantages Ethylene Glycol has over Propylene Glycol.

Although based on Ethylene Glycol, Coolflow DTX has been tested and classified as non-toxic by an EPA2 certified laboratory. Previously Propylene Glycol was the only non-toxic glycol based fluid available. That is no longer the case.
  • DTX key benefits
    More efficient heat transfer.
  • DTX key benefits
    Easier to pump, especially at low temperatures.
  • DTX key benefits
    Less volume for the same freeze protection, cheaper per litre.
  • DTX key benefits
    Resulting in higher coefficient of performance and significantly reduced energy bills.
  • DTX key benefits
    Non-toxic Anti-Freeze functionality.
  • DTX key benefits
    Designed for optimum flow.
  • DTX key benefits
    Non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • DTX key benefits
    Corrosion control and Quality Assured.
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