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Brought to you by the pioneers of the original beer cooler, the Future of Dispense system is a state of the art draught dispense system that offers class leading cooling and efficiency properties. Whether you have a small cellar or large venue, the Future of Dispense system is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to provide a bespoke package to cater for all your needs.
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£3-5K per year. 

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With no tie in to a brand, you are in complete control. Serve the super chilled beers that your customers expect and enjoy the benefit of being able to adapt and change your beer when you need.
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I’m looking to increase the efficiency of my cellar system

We’ve reimagined the traditional cellar system and created innovative solutions for how product dispense cooling is achieved. FOD changes the dynamics of dispensing beer and other cold drinks in a modern and efficient way, this helps to save space and energy through more efficient cooling and removes the volume of beverage from the system, therefore being environmentally friendly along with significantly reducing operating costs.

I want to increase volume and profitability

The Future of Dispense system achieves incredible cooling performance and maintains stable temperatures even when product demand is high. Due to the performance efficiencies of the system there is no requirement for additional shelf coolers, pods and remote beer coolers, saving space and energy. With a reduction of waste during line cleaning, product can be saved and revenues protected.

How can I keep consistency in quality across different sites?

Brewfitt utilise a combination of patented products including the CoolTube heat exchanger and our range of coolants including 2Flow, 4Flow and 8Flow. These technologies deliver precision cooling capabilities throughout your dispense system, allowing you to specify serving temperatures for the product.

How can we keep relevant in a changing market?

The system sets the benchmark for product cooling and efficiency, whilst providing future proofing for venues to adapt to emerging market opportunities. With the Future of Dispense system you are in charge of how the system is configured and what product it dispenses. With the explosion of the craft beer, draught cocktails and creative soft drinks market over the last 10 years and a demand for more variety, it highlights how consumer trends have shifted. The Future of Dispense system allows venues to source their own products and can be configured to dispense most types of drinks including nitrogen infused draught cocktails.

Other suppliers and breweries earmark a significant proportion, if not all of the tap allocation to dispense the brewer’s products. With the Future of Dispense you have the freedom to choose your product offering and can position your business to your exact requirements for your audience.

I’m opening a new bar / restaurant, how can you help me?

We have a team of highly skilled technicians with a wealth of experience within the dispense industry. They have completed numerous installations in a variety of settings. Utilising our Future of Dispense system it will allow operators to save money by reducing beer waste, lower running costs and provide the freedom to choose and configure your bar and the products you serve.
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why choose FOD
  • Saving Beer
    No link lines or cooler coils are required with FOD which means less beer is wasted and is cooled at the point of dispense. This could be up to approx 1500 pints per annum in an average pub with 16 taps.
  • Saving energy
    One beer cooler can service the entire bar, resulting in improved cellar space and approx £900 in electricity and system savings. Possibility to remove cellar cooling.
  • Saving space
    No shelf coolers or pods are required, saving space and energy thanks to the world's smallest heat exchanger. Cellar based option provides further bar area space improvements.
  • Saving money
    Beer discarded down the drain through line cleaning, space saving and energy saving could save each venue over £5,000 per year.
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case study

The Garrison

The Garrison Wickersley is a quaint, independent restaurant that prides itself on delivering a premium dining experience, placing a strong emphasis on quality and exemplary service. Brewfitt was tasked with supplying the Future of Dispense system for the venue, deemed the perfect solution by Elliott Vaughan, the owner and head chef.


Elliott sought the flexibility to change his draught drink offerings at will, untethered by ties. He was particularly adamant about ensuring the system’s efficiency and the beer’s premium quality. In discussing the system and his experiences with the Brewfitt team, Elliott shares insights gained throughout the process.

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