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What are the benefits?

Mobile Dispense units from Brewfitt come in a variety of sizes and capabilities but are all, compact, high performance regulated air systems that open up new possibilities for maximising sales and are great for home use.

The cooler has a continuous cooling capacity and uses the power input for direct transfer to cooling which guarantees energy minimum energy use.

  • Ice cold, great tasting beverages - ready to serve beer within 10 minutes of switch on.
  • Includes a stainless steel drip and multi-level temperature controller.
  • Serve beer quickly and easily without the need for water or gas bottles.

Perfect for professional cooling and dispensing of ice-cold beer, lager, prosecco and more! Available with or without bespoke branding, simply get in touch today!

The Products

Lindr Units are designed for dispensing excellent chilled beer as a mobile bar, ideal for professional/commercial purposes and busy events.

They each come with a quiet inbuilt compressor that allows for continuous cooling performance of 155 -170 l/h., max 180l/h.

There is minimum energy use and beverages are ready within 5-10 mins to dispense (after switched on)

All our units are up to 45% more efficient than its power input and come with either a wooden or stainless steel casing

Adjustable temperature control with up to 7 different settings, 1 - 2 grab handles for ease of moving

The GREEN LINE cooler series is not only environmentally friendly  thanks to the use of ecological refrigerant.

We have also introduced an energy saving system in the production, the cooler is made of fully recyclable materials and without any polyurethane insulation.

Find out more: https://www.brewfitt.com/product-catalogue/mobile-dispense.html

How To Assemble

Lindr Units are quick and easy to install. Follow our How to guide for further details.

Step 1 – Fitting the taps

First screw the handle on to the tap, then fit the tap in an upright position, onto the body using the knurled nut. Secure the nut by rotating it to the left and tighten fully using the provided C spanner

You can adjust the flow using the lever on the side of the tap.

Step 2 – Connecting up the Keg couplers

Connect the plastic pushing fitting in to the air compressor outlet. For multiple taps connect a Y shaped Two way divider.

Next connect the blue air tubes into the fittings and connect the clear beverage tubes into to the required inlets, then connect the air tube into the bottom of the coupler followed by the beverage tube into the top.

Step 3 – Connect the coupler to the keg

Connect the coupler holding the body of the coupler and turn in to position and then ensuring it is locked in place using the handle.

Step 4 – Preparing the Unit for use and Adjusting the temperature

Switch the unit on by turning the dial to the desired temperature on the front of the unit with 0 being off and 7 being the coolest. Switch the air compressor on using the switch at the back of the unit if not using gas.

Now the machine is ready to use.

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