• New revenue generator A fantastic new revenue generator for the hospitality industry
  • Increase non-alcoholic drinks availability Significantly diversify the range of non-alcoholic drinks available in your establishment
  • Upselling cordinals and squashes Upselling opportunities from regular cordials and squashes

So why do I need this?

There is lack of premium non-alcoholic drinks available in bars, restaurants and hotels. There is an opportunity to offer your customers something different, generating great profit margins per drink at the same time.

Key Benefits

  • Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz can only be made with Aqua Spritz and Mr Fitzpatrick's cordial
  • Aqua 3 plugs into your water mains
  • It provides you with still and sparkling bottled water
  • You can make high margins on tabled water

The Three Acres

Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz is the best selling non-alcoholic beverage we sell, giving us a profit of £2.50 per unit. We are also selling around 80 bottles of table water per week. Our customers have become loyal to the brand, trying each of their many flavours. 

View the Schematics of Aqua3

Aqua 3 is a high-tech water filtration system that plugs into the mains of your establishment delivering great-tasting, pure, filtered Aqua Spritz water. If you are looking to offer Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz in your establishment , you will need to consider installing the Aqua3 system. Take a look at our Aqua3 Schematic that details what equipment will be needed and where in your bar it will go. If you have any questions or you are interested in the fitting of the Aqua3 system, please don't hesitate to contact us using the form below or give us a call on 01484 380400. 

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