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Yorkshire based drinks dispense specialist, Brewfitt, has developed its most innovative and forward thinking technology yet; Future of Dispense, which is set to save the UK pub and beer industry millions of pounds each year.

The Future of Dispense is an advanced bar/cellar management system which utilises leading edge fluid dynamic technology to provide maximum efficiency in a minimum space, resulting in energy efficiencies and a lower carbon footprint.

Future of Dispense has the ability to change the dynamics of dispensing beer and other cold drinks in a modern and efficient way; this helps to save energy through more efficient cooling and removes the volume of beverage from the system, therefore being environmentally friendly whilst significantly reducing operating costs.

The unique technology is created by combining two patented innovations, 4Flow and CoolTube. 4Flow, a revolutionary coolant liquid designed to freeze at sub-zero temperatures, is being sold throughout the world, whilst CoolTube is an amazingly efficient compact heat exchanger.

Future of Dispense, which could save the average pub and restaurant £3-5k per annum, is backed by a government grant from the Department of Environment and has been independently tested by research and development organisation, Campden BRI.

No link lines, standard coils, PODS & shelf coolers are required with Future of Dispense which means less beer is wasted and is cooled at the point of dispense. This could save up to approximately 1500 pints per annum in an average pub and restaurant.

Other savings are made in energy; one beer cooler can service the entire bar and the removal of any Shelf Coolers could result in improved cellar space and approximately £1,500 in electricity and system savings.

Future of Dispense delivers huge service level improvements for venues and quality dispense cooled to perfection every time for the customer.

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