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  1. 1/2" Male - 1/2" Female Tap Adapter

    Required when a badge holder is used on a tower - provides an extension for the badge holder to fit over the adapter. Also used on Keg walls to provide additional length, if a thick wall. 

    • Stainless Steel
  2. 24v Wall Mounted LED Badge Holder
    • Brighten up your tap wall with illuminated badge holders
    • Brass Chrome Plated LED Round badger Holder
    • Wall mounted
    • Chrome
  3. A Type Cleaning Socket C/W JG Fittings (3/8")
    • Stainless Steel
  4. Bar Lighting Transformer 6 out 240/24V

    Bar Lighting Transformer 6 out 240/24V

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    Out of stock
  5. Beer Fob Stop  1/2"G x 3/8JG

    This is a device currently used throughout Europe to massively reduce fob in installations where Co2/N2 systems are in place.

    This compact, patented device connects directly to any standard keg coupler and massively reduces the amount of air which escapes from a keg as it empties.

    • Closed system - improved hygiene
    • Potential to use recirulation feeds to the coupler resulting in less cleaning frequency
    • Simple, effective and ideal for small 1 to 2 tap installations
    • No traditional fob detector to get contaminated
    • Simple operation at keg change
    • Includes shut off valve for safety / after hours
    • Quick and low cost installation 
    • Stainless Steel
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