Portable Hydrogen Pot

Hydrogen water is simply water that has extra hydrogen gas added to it. The dissolved hydrogen molecules in water has antioxidant activity to cells that helps users restore health naturally.

  • High Concentration of dissolved Hydrogen 1,000 – 1,200 ppb
    • Equipped with the latest micro bubble technology
    • Quick generation of Hydrogen water for everyday use, ORP up to – 550MV
    • No by-products (hypochlorous acid & Ozone)
  • Ultra High Purity Hydrogen Gas
    • Purity >99.999
    • Latest DuPont PEM technology
    • Pure Hydrogen is generated directly from Water, no additional electrolyte needed
  • Highly Portable no installation needed
    • Plug in and Add Water
    • Enjoy highly concentrated hydrogen water, anytime, anywhere, at home or on the go
  • Smart Heating Control
    • Warms Hydrogen water at a touch
    • Built in Micro Chip Ensures warm hydrogen water is produced all day long
  • Compact with Large Capacity
    • 1,800ml Capacity
    • Large capacity allows you and your family to drink more hydrogen water without refilling frequently
    • The smart chip provides all necessary information about the water level, hydrogen concentration and temperature
  • Soothing Lighting
    • Elegant design
    • The built in LED lights are aesthetically pleasing and allows you to operate the hydrogen pot in the dark 
  • Patented Indirect Electrolytic Technology
    • Pure & safe
    • Biolux PEM technology Generates Hydrogen with high purity at 99.999%
    • Highly concentrated hydrogen water is generated instantly by micro bubble infusing technology
    • Absolutely pure and safe. (no hypochlorous Acid & Ozone)
  • Smart Chip System
    • Easy to operate
    • Designed to be simple to use by everyone

For additional information on hydrogen water, please find academic research papers avaialble to download via PDF below:

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