Energy Saviour Plug

Reduce your cooler energy bill by 30% and up to £546 annually!

An intelligent App driven, power-saving plug-in device for all beer and soft-drink coolers running from a 13A UK mains supply.
Features include:
  • Programmable Trading Hours to ensure that the device is ideally matched to your trading patterns ensuring perfect dispense during opening hours and maximum energy savings when closed.
  • Advanced Learning Algorithms continuously adapt the operating parameters of the device to the conditions of a given cellar environment once more ensuring maximum savings.
  • Trading Hours Override allows easy adjustment of standard trading hours to accommodate special events.
  • Cleaning Mode ensures that lines do not freeze during a line-cleaning operation.
  • Programmable Python Refresh makes sure that the product within the python is kept at a safe temperature whilst the cooler is in energy saving mode.
  • The ENERGY SAVIOUR device is compatible with all coolers which run from a UK 13A mains socket.
  • Android and iOS apps available for setup and monitoring.
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Savings Example
Typical savings are 30% to 35% of the normal running costs of your cooler*   An average cooler consumes around 5,200 kWh of electricity every year. At the current price of 35p per kWh this equates to an annual bill of £1,820. However, if you plug your cooler into a correctly set up Energy Saviour device you can enjoy a typical 30% reduction in energy consumption, which will save you around £546 annually.
If you do not own the beer cooler then seek the owners permission to use this device.
* savings will vary according to outlet trading hours and customer demand.
Final Total

£150.00 Incl VAT | £125.00 Excl VAT

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