Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-0Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-945Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-944Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-946Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-938Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-939Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-940Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-943Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-941Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-942
  • Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-0
  • Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-945
  • Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-944
  • Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-946
  • Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-938
  • Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-939
  • Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-940
  • Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-943
  • Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-941
  • Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 x Tap)-942

Lindr Kontakt 40K (2 Taps)

Has a high performance, small dimensions and regulated air system. It is opening new possibilities in professional and commercial use.
  • Quiet inbuilt compressor
  • Continuous cooling capacity of 35-40l/h max 50l/h
  • Minimum energy use
  • Ready within 5-8 mins to dispense (after switched on)
  • 45% more efficient than its power input
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Long working life
  • Available with St/St Drip Tray
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • 7 different settings
  • 2 x grab handles for ease of moving unit
SKU: KCH01651-Lindr
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