Portable Hydrogen Pot-0Portable Hydrogen Pot-1018Portable Hydrogen Pot-1019Portable Hydrogen Pot-1020Portable Hydrogen Pot-1051Portable Hydrogen Pot-1052Portable Hydrogen Pot-1053Portable Hydrogen Pot-1054Portable Hydrogen Pot-1055Portable Hydrogen Pot-1056Portable Hydrogen Pot-1057Portable Hydrogen Pot-1058
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-0
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-1018
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-1019
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-1020
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-1051
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-1052
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-1053
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-1054
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-1055
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-1056
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-1057
  • Portable Hydrogen Pot-1058

Portable Hydrogen Water Pot

  • High Concentration of dissolved Hydrogen 1,000 – 1,200 ppb
  • Ultra High Purity Hydrogen Gas
  • Highly Portable no installation needed
  • Smart Heating Control
  • Compact with Large Capacity
  • Soothing Lighting
  • Patented Indirect Electrolytic Technology
  • Smart Chip System
Final Total

£767.23 Incl VAT | £639.36 Excl VAT

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