S Type Keg Coupler C/W JG Fittings & NRV (Sankey)-0

S Type Keg Coupler C/W JG Fittings & NRV (Sankey)

£51.32 Incl VAT | £42.77 Excl VAT

Compatible with Sankey Kegs Only/Used with Amstel, Carlsberg, Tetleys, Strongbow, Heineken, Fosters, Belhaven, Marston's.
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Compatible with Sankey Kegs only.

Also known as dispense heads or tapping heads they are designed to facilitate the safe introduction of the dispense gas into the keg and the safe extraction of the beverage into the rest of the dispense system.

Couplers are simple and easy to use. By attaching the coupler head to keg and depressing the handle to engage, pressure is allowed to enter the keg and the beverage is pushed out by means of the extractor tube or `spear`.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg

Stainless Steel

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