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  1. PYGMY 25K Unit Only

    Designed for professional cooling and dispensing of excellent chilled beer for domestic use, garden parties or smaller events.

    • Inbuilt compressor.
    • Continuous cooling performance of 20-30 l/h.
    • Minimum energy use.
    • Ready in the thermo block within 2-4 mins (after switched on).
    • 45% more efficient than its power input.
    • Stainless steel casing.
    • Long working life.
    • Available with St/St Drip Tray.
    • Adjustable temperature control.
    • 7 different settings. 
    • Grab handle for ease of moving unit.
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  2. Lindr Pygmy 30K Profi Uk Plug 1 Tap

    Has a high performance, small dimensions and regulated air system. It is opening new possibilities in domestic and commercial use.

    • Inbuilt compressor
    • Continuous cooling performance of 25-30l/h max. 35l/h
    • Quiet inbuilt compressor
    • Adjustable pressure
    • Minimum energy use
    • Ready within 5-8 mins to dispense (after switched on)
    • 45% more efficient than its power input
    • Stainless steel casing
    • Long working life
    • Grab handle for ease of moving unit
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  3. A Type  5L Cleaning Bottle

    Heavy Duty Cellar Cleaning Bottle, designed to withstand the gas pressure required to drive the cleaning solution around the dispense system. Also Ideal for cleaning Lindr Mobile Dispense units, Comes complete with A Type lid & Dip tube. 

    **We recommend purchasing a cleaning bottle when buying a Lindr unit.  

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  4. CoolTube Single 10 Line C/W PU Insulation & Fittings

    CoolTube is an amazingly efficient compact heat exchanger that
    provides superior heat exchange capabilities and also allows variable
    dispense temperatures at the point of dispense. CoolTube is compatible
    with any coolant medium, enabling installation and compatibility to all
    current dispense systems. This patented technology is set to change
    the future of dispensed beverages. PLEASE NOTE: The 10 Line cooltube will be effective for python runs up to 30M only. 

    Key Benefits:

    >Over 6 times smaller and lighter than standard heat exchangers.

    >Has a superior delta T in comparison to
    other products.

    >Has the equivalent of 18 meters of
    product coil but only holds 40ml of beverage.

    >So compact and lightweight that it doesnt
    need fixing into position.

    >Fits into the most confined spaces including
    directly under the font, saving valuable space
    behind the bar.

    >Has over 4 times more cooling surface area
    per ml
    of product than a standard
    heat exchanger.

    >Provides unique recarbonation properties.
    Dispensed drinks temperatures can be wit
    1ºC to 2ºC of the python recirculation

    >Consistent dispensed temperatures
    due to the low volume of product within
    the CoolTube and its unique heat
    exchange technology.

    >Variable dispense temperatures available.

    >Scope to include the technology inside the
    point of dispense.

    >It employs leading edge fluid dynamic technology to provide
    maximum efficiency in a minimum space, resulting in energy
    efficiencies and a lower carbon footprint

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  5. Lindr Soudek 50K 2 Tap With Couplers, Pipework & Fittings

    Designed for professional cooling and dispensing of excellent chilled beer in professional, commercial and home use. Perfect accessory for modern restaurant/bar with processed oak wood with stainless steel.

    • Inbuilt compressor
    • Continuous cooling performance of 35-40 l/h, max. 50l/h
    • Minimum energy use
    • Ready within 3-5 mins to dispense (after switched on)
    • 45% more efficient than its power input
    • Long working life
    • Available with St/St Drip Tray
    • Adjustable temperature control
    • 7 different settings
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